Why Use Acrylic As A Display Stand And display box?

If you go shopping frequently, I believe you can easily find that there are display stands of various sizes and even completely different styles in the mall, but they are actually made of acrylic.

People choose acrylic as display cabinets because they are very practical, not as fragile as glass, and very safe. The transparency also makes it a good display of goods, and at the same time, it can protect the goods from potential external forces hurt.

Is the acrylic display stand good? Why do businessmen prefer to use acrylic display stands? What are the advantages of acrylic display stands?

I think you must fully understand the functions and advantages of the acrylic display stand to ensure that you can buy the ideal and suitable display box. To help you make a more informed decision, please continue reading.

Why Choose Acrylic?


First of all, the first important point is of course the high safety index. Of course, acrylic may also break, but it will never break sharply like glass. Therefore, what acrylic can protect is not only to protect the products we want to display but also to protect the bystanders around it. This may be service personnel or customers. Another point is very good. This greatly reduces the trouble of cleaning up.

High Light Transmittance

Acrylic sheets can be made more transparent than glass. This transparency makes the products we want to show can be perfectly viewed by users. When using acrylic display boxes, shadows and reflections will also be reduced, thus providing a clearer viewing experience. In addition, if you are using a display rack in a shopping mall, what we need to know is that a large number of lights will inevitably be carried in the shopping mall to achieve the lighting effect, and the light transmittance of acrylic materials exceeds 92%, so in many cases, Acrylic can even be used as a small lightbox.


Acrylic panels are easy to process and assemble. You can use your imagination to combine acrylic panels into any shape you need. This assembly will increase the beauty of your display cabinet. Its movement and disassembly are much simpler than glass. many. Of course, you can even customize the acrylic directly as you want. Acrylic is very easy to shape and mold. You can make it into your specific creative shape. Don’t forget to make a logo, by the way, it’s perfect.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Acrylic is a very easy-to-repair material. Compared to broken glass that cannot be repaired, it is simply too convenient. It is as simple as using glue to stick broken acrylic pieces together. With enough practice, you can minimize the cracks, so small that they are almost invisible. If there are any slight scratches on the surface, sanding or polishing with sandpaper can make your display case look new. Click HERE to know more information about cleaning and maintaining acrylic.

Wide Range Of Applications

If it is glass, have you ever wondered how I can take it outdoors? This is really a very careful task, and if you use acrylic, you can make it easier, which is obvious. In addition, what I want to tell you is that acrylic has excellent weather resistance and is very suitable for outdoor use. High-quality acrylic can withstand the effects of ultraviolet radiation without yellowing or loss in various other styles. Its transparency.


Acrylic display cabinets are 50% lighter than glass display cabinets. This makes hanging or fixing them on the wall far less dangerous than glass. In terms of labor and materials, manufacturing a transparent acrylic display box is not as complicated and expensive as manufacturing glass. Likewise, acrylic display boxes are cheap to transport due to their lightweight.

How To Make An Acrylic Display Stand

There is no doubt that high-quality acrylic display cabinets are the best way to present your products. I am very confident to say that. It has become the first choice of many companies and its advantages are numerous.

If you occasionally need to make a acrylic display stand yourself, what factors should be considered?


The value of an acrylic bracket or display cabinet is almost determined by the price of its acrylic sheet material, and the factor that determines how much acrylic sheet consumes is actually its thickness. Generally, the thicker the thickness, the better the permeability, smoothness, and display effect. A thicker acrylic bracket consumes more material and therefore costs more.

The Weight Of Product To Be Displayed

The thickness of the plexiglass determines the weight of the acrylic cosmetic shelf. If you are building a custom acrylic display, make sure to consider the thickness of the acrylic panel, which will affect the load-bearing capacity of the acrylic stand. Generally, 2mm is sufficient for the decoration of acrylic displays. If you want it to be strong enough to safely transport the product, make sure to use a small acrylic display stand of 3mm or larger. Acrylic stents of different structures will have different load-bearing capabilities. But the thickness of 3mm to 5mm is very suitable for fixing and displaying most products.

Taking this factor into consideration and calculating the materials you need, you can confidently start your DIY or provide it to the company for customization.

How To Extend The Life Of Acrylic Display Rack Display Cabinet

If the material of your acrylic sheet is more expensive, or it is more difficult to customize, then we certainly hope that it can be used for a longer time. How to maintain and extend its service life?

  • Add elastic rubber feet to the bottom of the display rack to increase the necessary cushioning;
  • Although this glue dries slowly, please use stronger glue to make the display stronger;
  • For larger size products, the thickness of the bearing plate must be increased to avoid deformation due to large bearing capacity;
  • When bonding, assembling, and fixing the plexiglass display stand, pay attention to reserve a certain expansion joint to prevent thermal expansion and contraction from affecting the display stand;
  • The impact strength of the plexiglass board can be increased by thermoforming, and the internal stress of the board can be released to reduce subsequent shrinkage and deformation.


Acrylic provides an excellent way to display your products perfectly while protecting them from harm. Many of its advantages do not even need to be explained by us. You know it, so we are very happy to recommend it to you.

So, are you interested in the custom acrylic display boxes and display stands for your products? Or looking for an OEM Factory for your acrylic box and stand, please contact UVACRYLIC, we will make a satisfactory reply to you!

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