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UVACRYLIC began to machine acrylic sheets in 2004. With continuous investment in production equipment and processing technology, we have grown to be the leading supplier of Custom Acrylic-based Products in China and provide the integrated machining solutions including cutting, bending, CNC Machining, surface finishing, thermoforming, printing, gluing. Meantime, UVACRYLIC has experienced engineers, who will design acrylic products according to clients’ requirements by CAD and Solidworks. Therefore, UVACRYLIC is one of the companies, which can design and manufacture it with a cost-efficient machining solution.

In 2007, UVACRYLIC built the factory to manufacture acrylic sheets including case and extruded sheets, thickness from 1mm to 400mm. With more than 13 years of experience in manufacturing acrylic sheets and 16 years of experience in machining acrylic, UVACRYLIC knows more about machining acrylic. Today, we are so honored to provide high-quality acrylic products to more than 700 clients all over the world, they are active in the display industry, home decoration, office supplies, automation, medical device, printing industry, etc.

Machining Solution

With more than 17 years of experience in the acrylic field, we have a better understanding of machining acrylic from designing to the final acrylic-based products by the most cost-efficient machining solution. Here are some machining methods for custom acrylic.

UVACRYLIC will use leaser and CNC cutting machines to cut acrylic to size. The Max. working area is 5×2.5 meters. leaser and CNC cutting machines cut acrylic to complicated shapes with high accuracy, it is chip-free edges without secondary machining.

Custom acrylic with an appropriate surface finishing will offer an eye-catching appearance, longer lifespan, and a specific function. The surface finishing methods that UVACRYLIC can provide are polishing, sanding, and sandblasting.

Flame polishing is a good way to get the smooth and clear surface of the acrylic product. Sanding and sandblasting offer acrylic products with mysterious and privacy surfaces. Whatever surface type you want, UVACRYLIC always answers you with the right solution.

Want to know detail about polishing acrylic & sanding acrylic;

UVACRYLIC engineers choose the suitable glue for custom acrylic, such as acrylic cases.

UVACRYLIC has CNC machine with high precision. The tolerance is under 0.1mm, it is great for acrylic industry applications. This method is suitable for rapid prototyping.

UVACRYLIC offers a hot bending method for custom acrylic because cold bending is not suitable. The automatic heating bending equipment will offer the precise temperature setting and bend the PMMA sheet with the right angle and great surface. The bending length is up to 2.5m.

Mold Thermoforming is a great forming method for the complex-shaped and spherical acrylic products, including drape & oven forming, and blow molding. They are a great cost-saving tool, it also retains its surface features post-processing. Every year, UVACRYLIC manufactures thousands of customized acrylic ball.

UVACRYLIC offers excellent thermoforming solutions, Max. Size is up to 5m x 2.3m.

UVACRYLIC provides coating service on the surface of acrylic sheets for specific functions, including:

  • Anti-static Coating Layer;
  • Hard Coating Layer for better scratch resistance;
  • Anti Glare Coating Layer;
  • Anti Fog Coating
  • Mirror Coating Layer;

UVACRYLIC offers excellent acrylic printing services including

  • UV Printing;
  • Silkscreen Printing;
  • digital Printing;

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Custom Plexiglass Dome and Ball

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Normally, we will design a 3-D Model of acrylic parts at the computer, and send it to you. Then, we will manufacture a sample or prototype, send it to you for quality checking. If the sample or prototype is OK, we will manufacture it in bulk.

Normally, we use 5 days to manufacture the sample/prototype and arrange DHL/FedEx to deliver the sample to the client.

The Max diameter of an acrylic dome or ball is 3 meters. But it will be hard to ship to global clients by container, therefore, the best diameter is less than 2.2 meters.

Normally, we use cast acrylic and extruded acrylic Sheets for customized acrylic, but all acrylic sheets are made of 100% virgin raw material for high quality.

Yes, we are a leading OEM factory for the custom plexiglass box in China, and we can print the LOGO of clients on it.

Yes. To get custom acrylic products with anti-static functions, we need to use anti-static acrylic, they are normal in the electron industry and automation equipment. Anti-static polycarbonate is also normal material.


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