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Brief Introduction Of UVACRYLIC™ Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic sheet is one of the thermoplastic sheets, which is made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), it is well known by the trade name “plexiglass sheet“. It is a versatile plastic sheet with a variety of purposes and benefits, which is produced according to the extrusion process and casting process, therefore, some people call it as “extruded acrylic sheet” and “cast acrylic sheet”. This material is similar to polycarbonate sheets, but better price and surface hardness, and lower impact strength.

Acrylic sheet was first produced in 1928 and was brought to market by Rohm and Haas Company in 1933. In the very beginning, it is used as airplane windows, turrets, and canopies during the Second World War. Today, the acrylic sheet has become to be the most commonly used plastic material in our daily life, such as security barriers, medical devices, furniture, POP display, office supplies, fish tank, etc.

Acrylic sheets are available in a wide range of thicknesses, colors and provide superior weather ability. Otherwise, it offers new functions by coating layers, for example, higher surface hardness, better abrasive resistance, mirror surface, anti-static and non-glare functions.

UVACRYLIC™ is a leading manufacturer of acrylic in China, the annual production capability is over 12 thousand tons, meantime, we provide integrated machining service. Our all raw materials are from Mitsubishi and Lucite, and with the strict quality management system, our all acrylic sheets are high-quality and environment-friendly. Today, we are honored to supply high-quality acrylic-based products and integrated machining services to more than 1200 clients from 40 countries.

UVACRYLIC™ Plexiglass Specification

Acrylic Sheet

ItemModelThickness (mm)L x W (mm)L x W (Ft)
Extruded AcrylicUVAC-EXFrom 0.4mm to 20mm1220 × 2440, 3000 × 2000, Custom Size4 x 8, Custom Size
Cast AcrylicUVAC-CAFrom 1.8mm to 50mm1220 × 2440, 3000 × 20004 x 8
Clear AcrylicUVAC-CLE/CFrom 0.8 mm to 50 mm1220 × 2440, 3000 × 20004 x 8
Colored AcrylicUVAC-COFrom 0.8 mm to 50 mm1220 × 2440, 3000 × 20004 x 8
Acrylic DiffuserUVAC-DI1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm1220 x 1830, 1220 x 24404 x 8
Acrylic FilmUVTAC0.075mm, 0.5mm, 0.45mmLength is 1000 Meters
Width is 1.28 Meters
Acrylic BlockUVAC-BLFrom 51mm to 500mm1220 × 2440, 3000 × 20004 x 8

Acrylic Rod/Tubing

ItemModelDiameter (mm)Standard Length (mm)Standard Length (ft)
Acrylic RodUVACRFrom 2 mm to 400 mm2000mm, Custom Length2ft, 3ft, 4ft, , Custom Length
Acrylic TubeUVACTFrom 2.5 mm to 1000 mm2000mm, Custom Length2ft, 3ft, 4ft, , Custom Length

Coated Acrylic Sheet

ItemModelThickness (mm)L x W (mm)L x M (Ft)
Acrylic MirrorUVAC-MI0.8mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm1220 x 24404 x 8
Anti-Static ​AcrylicUVFA-ESDFrom 1mm to 20mm1220 x 24404 x 8
Scratch Resistant AcrylicUVAC-SRFrom 1 mm to 20 mm1220 x 2440, 1380 x 24404 x 8, 4.5 x 8
Non Glare AcrylicUVAC-NG0.8mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm1220 x 24004 x 8

Physical Properties

Density (clear arcylic)g/cm^31.19
Tensile StrengthMpa>70
Charpy impact strength (unnotched)KJ/m^2>13
Tension Modulus of ElasticityMpa>3000
Tensile Strain at break%>4
Flexural strengthMpa100 to 115
Charpy impact strength (unnotched)kj/m^2>17
Vicat softening temperature°C>105
Dimensional change on heating (shrinkage)%<2.5
Total luminous transmittace%>90
Rockwell hardness 100 to 115
Linear expansion coefficientK^ -17×10^-5
Temperature of deflection under load°C95 to 100
Light transmittance%>90

Colors Options

Machining Custom Acrylic Service

With More than 15 years of experience in machining acrylic, UVACRYLIC provides integrated machining solutions for custom acrylic. Today, we have grown to be the top OEM factory of acrylic-based products.

The common machining acrylic methods include cutting, polishing, bending, gluing, coating, CNC Machining, Printing, Drape forming, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, etc.

From common machining, methods, our engineer always find the right solution for all acrylic-based products.

100% Environment-Friendly PMMA Material

Purchased From Lucite And MITSUBISHI Company Directly

REACH Testing Report

  • Substances in the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for authorization published by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) by SGS;
  • Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) identified by the notification of WTO;

RoHS Testing Report

  • According to RoHS Directive (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II to Directive 2011/65/EU;

Main Benefits Of UVACRYLIC Acrylic/Plexiglass

  • Acrylic Sheet offers Optical clarity, up to 92% light transmission;
  • 50% Lighter weight than glass, but much stronger;
  • Easy to be machined and thermoformed to any shape;
  • Excellent chemical resistance and thermal insulation;
  • Easy to maintain and clean;
  • All raw material is from Lucite and MITSUBISHI;
  • Can be coated for Surface Enhancement;
  • Inherently UV resistant and incredible durability;
  • The standard thickness is up to 50 mm, Max. thickness is up to 500 mm;
  • ONE-STOP Supplier of Acrylic for saving your time;

Projects Using Acrylic Sheets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, UVACRYLIC can provide high-quality acrylic sheets. Meantime, we are providing machining custom acrylic service. Today, UVACRYLIC has grown to be a leading OEM factory of custom acrylic, including custom acrylic display cases, acrylic office suppliers, and acrylic domes.

The thickness of the acrylic sheet is from 1mm to 250mm, but we have some standard thicknesses that can be chosen. Normally, we have stock and can deliver it to you. Please see the following standard thickness list:

Product NameModelThickness (inch)Size, ftSize, mmSituation
Clear Acrylic SheetUVAC-CLC-1/161/164×6, 4×8, 6×8 1220×2400, 2000×3000In stock
Clear Acrylic SheetUVAC-CLC-1/81/84×6, 4×8, 6×81220×2400, 2000×3000In stock
Clear Acrylic SheetUVAC-CLC-3/163/164×6, 4×8, 6×81220×2400, 2000×3000In stock
Clear Acrylic SheetUVAC-CLC-1/41/44×6, 4×8, 6×81220×2400, 2000×3000In stock
Clear Acrylic SheetUVAC-CLC-3/83/84×6, 4×8, 6×81220×2400, 2000×3000In stock
Clear Acrylic SheetUVAC-CLC-1/21/24×6, 4×8, 6×81220×2400, 2000×3000In stock

Plexiglass sheet is one of the best plastic sheets that have been used everywhere, because of the excellent physical properties, such as good light transmittance, great formability, and competitive price.

They are particularly used for home decoration, such as acrylic shower walls, acrylic furniture, acrylic frame. Display applications, such as an acrylic sign, POP display case, acrylic box; noise barrier, windshield, etc.

Want to know more information about the application of acrylic sheets and DIY Ideas With Acrylic sheets.

UVACRYLIC is a leading manufacturer of acrylic sheets in China, you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected], send a message to UVACRYLIC by WhatsApp: +86 18118123076, you will get our quotation in 24 hours. Or leave a message here:

Acrylic sheet offers good impact resistance, although it isn’t stronger than polycarbonate, the following table will tell you how strong is acrylic sheet.

Tensile StrengthMpa>70
Charpy impact strength (unnotched)KJ/m^2>13
Tension Modulus of ElasticityMpa>3000
Flexural strengthMpa100 to 115

Yes, acrylic is safe for food, it is commonly used for food handing and display purposes.

There are two popular manufacturing processes to get an acrylic/plexiglass sheet. For the right choice, you need to know their thicknesses, sizes, prices, and properties. For more detail, please see this ultimate guide for Cast VS Extruded Acrylic Sheet.

Plexiglass sheet is rapidly taking over the glass and being used as a replacement of it widely. However, this is not a glass material at all. Acrylic is a polymethyl methacrylate plastic-type, which offers far more strength and workability than the glass material.

These plastics can be used as a better replacement for any glass applications like mirrors, glasses, door glass, sky windows, and all.

Acrylic sheet isn’t expensive, it is 10%-30% cheaper than polycarbonate sheet. Normally, the unit price is about 3 USD or 4 USD per kilogram.

Please check the following table:

25 times as strong as glassEasier to be scratched than glass
Half weight of glassHalf weight of the glass
Acrylic sheet is cheaper than polycarbonate and glass 
Easy to fabricate and thermoform 
Plexiglass is hardwearing 
Acrylic is safer than glass 
Inartificial UV resistant 

For a small quantity and thin plexiglass, you can use a knife to cut, but for a bulk of plexiglass sheets, you can use a saw, laser cutting machine, Know more information about how to cut plexiglass sheets.

UVACRYLIC offers three tolerance standards:

Tolerance ONE:

UVACRYLIC uses continuous casting technology, therefore, we can control the thickness tolerance is ±0.15mm, but the real tolerance is only ±0.1.

Tolerance TWO:

For extruded plexiglass sheet, the thickness tolerance is ±0.1

Tolerance THREE:

For a normal cast acrylic sheet, please see the following list for the thickness tolerance:

1Cast Acrylic SheetFrom 1.8mm to 8mmBetween ±0.2 and ±0.5
2Cast Acrylic SheetFrom 10mm to 15mmBetween ±0.6 and ±1.0
3Cast Acrylic SheetFrom 18mm to 25mmBetween ±1.2 to ±1.5
4Cast Acrylic Sheet30±1.7
5Cast Acrylic Sheet35±1.8
6Cast Acrylic Sheet40±2

The thickness tolerance will be 20% more than normal tolerance, if the width is more than 1600mm the length is more than 2800mm.

Yes, Plexiglass sheets can block UV, but not all acrylic sheets can block UV. Therefore, you need to tell you the requirement to our sales manager before ordering.

UVACRYLIC is a leading manufacturer of acrylic sheets in China. With more than 15 years of experience, we have grown to be a ONE-STOP supplier and provide acrylic sheets in all forms.

Yes, acrylic sheet is entirely waterproof, you can use it to makes a superior exterior shell for many products and keep your products completely dry. Additionally, it has a high heat tolerance.

Unlike polycarbonate, acrylic sheet offers inartificial UV resistance, therefore, it doesn’t turn yellow and keeps good clarity. But recycled acrylic will turn yellow in 5 or 6 years. UVACRYLIC always uses virgin material to manufacture PMMA sheets, that won’t turn yellow in 15 years.

Normally, UVPLASTIC will put the protective films on both sides, which can protect the acrylic sheets from scratching when delivering. There are two types of films that can be chosen, kraft paper and clear PE film. Maybe, here, you want to know how to remove protective film from plexiglass sheet.

Polycarbonate panels and acrylic plexiglass sheets are similar, they are often considered as solutions for a wide range of optical applications. And what is the difference? And how to choose?

Both polycarbonate and acrylic plexiglass are plastics, they are the half-weight of glass with the same volume. They are also 100% clear and offer excellent impact resistance.

Polycarbonate panel is near 20 times stronger than acrylic plexiglass sheet, but the acrylic plexiglass sheet offers a harder surface and better price than polycarbonate panel. Therefore, polycarbonate panels are often used for applications where high impact resistance is needed, such as riot shields and bulletproof glass, and plexiglass sheets are used for decoration, display, noise barrier.

ItemAcrylic, Plexiglass, PMMA SheetPolycarbonate Panel
Advantage10%-30% better price than polycarbonate;
Easier to be polished, clean edges;
Better anti-scratch than polycarbonate;
Easier to glue;
Max. thickness is more than 50mm or more;
More flexible than acrylic;
Stronger than plexiglass sheet;
Excellent heat resistance than acrylic;
Good flame retardance;
Can be cold-bent;
Min. thickness is 0.05mm;
Can be packaged to polycarbonate roll;
DisadvantageCan’t cold-bent;
Could be broken during drilling;
The Min. thickness is 1mm;
Easy to scratch;
Max. thickness is 20mm;

It is easy to calculate, the density of acrylic is 1.2, you can get the weight 10.7Kg, the volume multiply by density.

Plexiglass sheets and acrylic sheets are the same things, but some people like to call it “Plexiglass sheets”. Otherwise, some people also call it a PMMA sheet.​

Acrylic sheet is rapidly taking over the glass and being used as a replacement of it widely. However, this is not a glass material at all. Acrylic is a polymethyl methacrylate plastic-type, which offers far more strength and workability than the glass material.

These plastics can be used as a better replacement for any glass applications like mirrors, glasses, door glass, sky windows, etc.

They are the flat clear sheet that is used for building, but plexiglass offers higher impact resistance and better machinability, know more about the difference between plexiglass and glass.

Most acrylic sheets can be used to display products and acrylic boxes, mirrors, picture frames, acrylic furniture, acrylic aquarium, etc. To know more about the application of acrylic sheets.

You can get acrylic sheets or plexiglass sheets by cast process and extruded process, but cast acrylic sheet is totally different from extruded acrylic sheet, please see the following difference in China market:

1. Thickness Scope

No.ItemThickness Scope
1Cast plexiglass sheetFrom 2mm to 50mm, Max. Thickness is up to 250mm
2Extruded plexiglassFrom 0.8mm to 6mm

2. Thickness Tolerance

Normally, the thickness tolerance of cast plexiglass is about 10%. And extruded plexiglass has 1-2% only.

3. Surface

Cast plexiglass sheet has a better surface than extruded plexiglass until it is manufactured in a duty-free workshop.

4. Light Transmittance

Cast plexiglass sheet offers higher light transmittance than extruded plexiglass in the same thickness.

5. Size

Normally, the cast plexiglass sheet offers standard sizes, such as 1.22×2.44m, 2.05×3.05m. The extruded acrylic sheet offers standard width, the length is flexible.

6. Minimum Order Quantity

The MOQ of extruded acrylic sheet is 2 tons or 3 tons, and the MOQ of cast plexiglass sheet is 8 or 10 sheets.


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