Choosing acrylic sheets for bathroom windows?

If you have read our previous blog, I think you should know that we have long recommended that you use acrylic instead of glass, especially in some inconvenient places.

Yes, the bathroom. If there is a room that needs to be protected most for privacy, it must be the bathroom. Maybe you still use glass as the windows and partitions in the bathroom in your home. Then I guess you must not know that there is a better product-frosted acrylic sheet.

At present, it has become a new trend in the market to use acrylic sheets to make bathrooms. We can not only use them as windows but also make bathtubs and bathroom walls.

Why is an acrylic sheet the most suitable product for bathroom windows?

The price is affordable

Perhaps in your mind, acrylic sheets are very expensive, but in a small room like a bathroom at home, using frosted acrylic sheets instead of glass does not necessarily cost a lot of money. Compared with traditional frosted glass, the advantage of frosted acrylic is that the weight is twice lighter than glass, but the strength is 30 times higher. Not only that, but it is also much cheaper than standard glass. So you are fully qualified to replace the glass with frosted acrylic.

Adequate light

I think even if they are bathing, there are many people who like to bathe in the daytime. It’s great to have a comfortable bath in the sun, right? Then I am happy to tell you that frosted bathroom windows made of acrylic sheets can provide you with more light than glass. Acrylic itself is more transparent than glass. If you install such a window, you can experience more natural light in the bathroom, which will make your bathing experience more anti-loose. Because of the sufficient light, you can even put some small green plants in the bathroom.

Easy to install

I wonder how you installed the glass windows? I boldly guess that it must be handled very carefully. I don’t even have to ask about my next words. You must also know that if you install acrylic, you don’t have to be so careful. This will be very convenient in your home improvement process.

Easy to clean

It is well known that glass windows are actually difficult to clean. Acrylic cleaning is too light in comparison. You only need a damp cloth to wipe the dirty area and you can basically solve most of the stains.

Where can I install windows?

I have been asked this question again and again-should I use glass blocks or acrylic blocks for my window project. Although I will tell you that I do have prejudices, I will try my best to recommend the most suitable products for customers. In some scenarios, using acrylic is much better than glass:

Fully Operable Bathroom window and upper floor window projects– This is the place where acrylic block windows shine the best. The biggest advantage of acrylic is it is a lighter material and the windows can be hinged to open completely (vs. a glass block window where you can put in a small air vent but don’t have the ability for complete window ventilation). Acrylic block windows are available in casement, single-hung, awning, and sliders. If you’re looking for full operability for a kitchen window, bathroom window, or other upper floor window acrylic is an excellent choice.

Shaped upper floor windows – Since glass block windows are only available in square and rectangular sized units they are not suitable for shaped windows. If you’re looking for an archtop, round top, or octagon-shaped window with the block look acrylic is the only way to go!

Windows located within a shower space – Since an acrylic block window warranty can be voided with the use of abrasive shower cleaning products I’d recommend the glass block window for the shower space. The glass block designs are easy to clean and are available in high privacy patterns like Iceberg and Pristal from Mulia and Icescapes and Delphi from Pittsburgh Corning which make them a good choice even if the next-door neighbors’ home is close.


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