10 Advantages of Acrylic that Sets it Apart from other Materials

Meta description: Acrylic plastic, also named plexiglass sheet, has become a household name for residential, commercial, and also industrial purposes. Find out today why people love them so much and use them everywhere! Here are the advantages of Acrylic you need to know.

Acrylic plastic is one of the world’s oldest synthetic materials available. Acrylic is a tough transparent plastic alternative to glass which became a common name in almost all industries and for household uses instantly.

This material is becoming more common in the building industry. It’s tough, as well as shatter-resistant. For which it was used during World War II for making periscopes and gun turrets.

Let’s see some of the benefits of Acrylic Plastic and why they are so commonly used worldwide:

Advantage 1: Easy to Shape and Gavricate

When it comes to manufacturing material, acrylic shows excellent performance because of its ability to be molded into any shape. Acrylic, when heated up to 100 degrees, can be easily molded into a variety of shapes such as:

  • Bottles
  • Tubes
  • Picture Frames
  • Figurines
  • Rods

As it cools with time, it holds its formed shape. This makes it easier for manufacturers to make large sheets into bow-front aquariums and skylights. Being a thermoplastic, it softens when the temperature is raised and thus it is formed into different shapes.

Advantage 2: Weather Resistant (Retain Color)

The toughness of this material makes it appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications like- windows, car lenses, or headlights. They can resist tough weather, including hailstorms, as they are stronger than glass.

Acrylic letters as outdoor signs hold up indefinitely, resist adverse weather and hold the color. Sculptors and glass artists prefer acrylic for outdoor designs because of the material’s weather resistance and light refracting capabilities.

Besides weathering, acrylic plays a vital role in protecting colors. Light does not affect the color of acrylic. That’s why they tend to retain the color for a long period.

For instance, when used as hanging wall signs, they glow easily. The reason is that acrylic is easily lit with clarity.

Advantage 3: Highly Transparent

Clear acrylic sheets have high optical clarity, which makes them suitable for greenhouses, windows, or skylights. One of the common uses is plane windows. The optical clarity of acrylic does not turn yellow with age.

Transparency of this material is tested when it is used as surveillance mirrors and automobile parts where transparency and durability are valued.

Acrylic is used as food sneeze guards in cafeterias, self-serve salad bars, grocery takeaway displays, and many sweets stores. People often prefer a food sneeze guard with a curved surface on the outside.

It is quite expensive and a lengthy process to manufacture a curved glass for this purpose. Acrylic has made it easier for the manufacturers to be used in the food sneeze guards and curved easily. And this is easier to fit in because it’s lightweight.

Advantage 4: UV Resistant

Acrylic plastic is UV resistant in nature. So, it makes them a perfect choice for roofing for both commercial and residential spaces. Also for carpool and other shades.

Advantage 5: Lightweight and Handling

Acrylic is 50% less the weight of glass and more durable. Therefore it is easy to handle polymers. This makes it suitable for several industrial applications, which include the roofing system of homes.

Acrylic shoes, dentures and artificial nails, and other commodities are more comfortable due to their lightweight properties. The majority of composite dental filling is made of acrylic.

Polymers are used for cosmetic surgery too. It is easier to install acrylic on the roofs without any risk. Acrylic skylights are easier to install and they increase light transmission. The roofs do not significantly increase the load on a house’s foundation or frame.

Advantage 6: Impact Resistant

Acrylic plastics have a tensile strength of 10000 lbs. per square inch. You can install acrylic plastic on impact-prone areas like- security barriers, shower doors, bath enclosures, field barriers, or other custom purposes that are impact prone. But it is not stronger than polycarbonate, know the difference between acrylic and polycarbonate.

Because the impact resistance of acrylic is 6-17 times greater than glass, it has a beneficial safety feature. They are also used as hockey rinks and ball field enclosures, sliding glass doors, security applications where clarity is needed, and windows.

If you live in an area with frequent storms or hail storms, acrylic is the right choice. Its high-impact capability can resist any storm without any crack or scratch on the surface.

Advantage 7: Acrylic is Stronger Than Glass

One of the most significant advantages of using acrylic plastic instead of glass is that- it is 50% less in weight than glass but is more durable and stronger than glass. Because of having excellent durability, acrylic can be used over a broad temperature range.

The material does not shatter or crack under high impact, making it different from glass and other forms of plastic. Unlike glass, acrylic does not shatter and break into million pieces easily. The best thing about this material is that both cast and extruded acrylic are cheaper than glass.

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Advantage 8: Easier for Machining

When machining a glass material, you need to proceed with caution. Any ignorance or error might lead to damaged pieces or many times the glass breaks. There are only a few methods for machining glass unless it breaks.

On the contrary, acrylic can be machined without any restrictions and it is less time-consuming. The plexiglass offers limitless options for machining. The machining can be carried out in several methods like- saw, mill, drill, engrave, glue, polish bend, and beyond.

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Advantage 9: Acrylic is Safer

Acrylic is ideal for applications where safety is a must. It is challenging to break acrylic than glass as it is 30 times stronger than glass. That is why acrylic sheets are often used for balcony glazing of aquariums.

In addition to that, being UV resistant makes this plastic a safer choice for roofs and skylights.

Advantage 10: Insulating Property

Apart from all other advantages, acrylic is also an insulating substance meaning it can cut down your energy bills if you use it on a construction project. This property of acrylic plastic also prevents electrocution in construction.


UVACRYLIC is 100% subsidiary of UVPLASTIC, which is a top manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets. Meantime, we provide machining polycarbonate services.


Acrylic plastics are suitable for multiple applications, not only for a single property. They are tough and durable and can resist adverse weather and impact. Acrylic plastics can be curved and they can be molded into any shape, unlike glass.

It is easier to handle because of its lightweight design which makes it fit for all applications. Medical, cosmetic, construction, and many such industries have adopted acrylic as it benefits the users. They cannot be broken or shattered no matter how force is applied to them.

So if you are looking for a light, transparent, or semi-transparent, durable, impact-resistant, and light material, it cannot be any better than acrylic. Acrylic does not only serve your purpose but is also easy to handle and install.

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