Can I use acrylic for a greenhouse?

I don’t know if you have an idea to build a greenhouse or a greenhouse? What you may not know is that acrylic is also a material that can be used in greenhouses.

What materials can be used in the greenhouse?

Either acrylic or polycarbonate plastic can be used for a greenhouse. Both plastics are resilient materials in comparison to their glass counterparts. Acrylic is a less expensive alternative to polycarbonate.

Is acrylic good for the greenhouse?

High light transmittance, the good growth effect

Acrylic sheets have very good light transmittance and can transmit up to 91% of photosynthesis to the greenhouse. This will provide your plants with more natural and sufficient growth conditions. I think you also want to see your own greenhouse open Full of colorful flowers, right? The excellence of plants will also make your breeding results more prominent, thereby increasing your profits.

Compared with the general greenhouse, the use of acrylic can increase the transmitted light by 20%, and one-fifth is already a very obvious advantage, especially in winter.

Acrylic can maintain light transmittance and clarity for decades. In fact, even after ten years of use, its light transmittance is still better than some materials.

Never yellow

The yellowing of plastic is caused by the decomposition of the glass lock by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the outer layer of many plastics requires an anti-ultraviolet layer or coating to delay the yellowing speed. Because they still turn yellow, these UV protection layers are very fragile. The use of acrylic can avoid this problem, it will not yellow, become brittle or degrade.

So can acrylic withstand sunlight? The answer is also yes. Ultraviolet radiation may have a negative effect on most plastics, but not acrylic.


Acrylic has enough strength, its endurance is 200 times that of glass products, and can even withstand the impact of hail. The use of acrylic material can not only protect your crops from hail damage but also protect your cost needs. The greenhouse is often replaced because it is damaged.

Good durability

As mentioned in the previous point, acrylic sheet is very strong, but its durability is also very good. Normally, thicker walls and ribs will produce a harder sheet with greater overall weight. Acrylic provides a higher live load capacity while allowing a larger span. Acrylic materials meet or exceed the requirements of snow and wind and are durable in extreme weather.

Cut costs

Acrylic panels naturally retain heat, reducing shadows, hot spots, and burning. Not only do you need less initial capital investment for heating systems, lights, and curtains, but you can also save decades of use costs and maintenance costs. Compared with single-layer glass, you can save up to 55% of energy and heating costs every year.

Long lasting

Acrylic sheets’ performance is very stable, which makes them have a longer service life compared with inferior glass materials. Inferior glass materials usually have to be replaced more frequently after only a few years of use. This naturally means that your replacement frequency is lower, and then you can still save costs, killing two birds with one stone.

PMMA Sheet
Polish acrylic edges
Scratch Resistant Acrylic

Is acrylic recyclable or not?

When using acrylic sheets, you may inevitably encounter surplus materials or need to replace old ones, so I need to tell you that acrylic plastic itself is not easy to recycle.

We often say that acrylic is relatively environmentally friendly because, in the production process, we will eliminate some chemical substances, and when burned, other plastic coverings will produce dense smoke and toxic gases, which are harmful to the human body and the environment. The deterioration of ultraviolet rays will change the burning characteristics of many plastics, but due to the UV stability of acrylic, its characteristics have not changed. Therefore, in the event of a fire, it burns more clean combustion agents, less smoke, and does not release toxic or corrosive gas, so it has a great advantage.

But it is still a plastic material. Among recycled plastics, it is considered to be the seventh group and is not recycled. But if you are an environmental protection enthusiast, you can actually use these acrylics for some DIY, such as acrylic shelves, acrylic storage boxes, etc., which will also add a lot of fun to your life. For more information about how to DIY, you can read the rest of our blog posts.


Nowadays, facilities such as agricultural greenhouses or sunshine rooms are becoming increasingly important. Since you choose to build, you must naturally consider using the best raw materials. Acrylic is your very high-quality choice.

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