How to tell if something is acrylic

Know More About Acrylic

Acrylic has very good weather resistance, so we can see acrylic everywhere in our lives. Acrylic’s own transparency, beautiful luster, hardness, light texture, and other characteristics make it can be made into all kinds of things you need. Products, and therefore, are materials that we often need to use. However, this kind of raw material, namely acrylic, is also divided into good or bad. This kind of good or bad determines its service life and quality of use. While acrylic is plastic, not all plastic is acrylic. So what is the feasible method of identifying acrylic?

One: packaging identification

This is the simplest way of identification. The soft rubber edge of high-quality acrylic material is very good, and the soft color of the acrylic sheet looks very mixed. The pure new acrylic sheet has a pure appearance, and the recycled sheet has a light yellow appearance. Moreover, it is a well-known truth that a well-packed acrylic sheet is definitely more expensive than a rough-packed acrylic sheet.

Two: Identification of transmittance

This method is also called the optical transmission method. The light transmittance of acrylic is used to distinguish good from bad, and the operation step is to transmit white light through the acrylic plate. Usually, a high-quality acrylic sheet has high light transmittance, so after passing the white light, it is still white and the light is very pure. If the color difference of the transmitted light such as yellow or blue is found, the quality of the acrylic sheet is not good.

Three: Thickness identification

An important feature of acrylic sheets is the thickness. Generally speaking, how thick is enough thickness. You must ask about the thickness when purchasing. This is the key factor.

Four: cutting identification

If you have some acrylic scraps on hand that can be used for experiments, then it’s great, because the cutting method will undoubtedly hurt the acrylic. I think very few people will use this method to test, so this method is only Conditional. The pure new acrylic sheet has excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, and there is no irritating smell when cutting; the surface of the recycled board is easy to scratch, and it produces an irritating smell when cutting.

Five: Fire identification

The fire method also requires you to have some small scraps for experimentation. There are three aspects to the fire method. The first is the burning speed. Acrylic with guaranteed quality is not easy to burn. If the burning speed of acrylic is very fast, then it means that acrylic. The quality of high-quality acrylic is unqualified, and the burning speed of high-quality acrylic is very slow. Secondly, even if good acrylic is burned, it will not produce too unpleasant smell; finally, when pure new high-quality acrylic material is heated, it is not easy to produce bubbles or deformation, And if it is regenerated acrylic after thermoforming, it is prone to bubble deformation.

Six: identification of roasted soft

This method is also called the pasting method, which is to bake two pieces of acrylic materials to soften them, and then stick them together. Generally, poor-quality acrylic materials are difficult to separate after being heated, and good acrylic materials can be separated even if they are stuck together. You can use this small experiment to prove the quality of the acrylic sheet you choose.

Seven: Identification of soft edges

New boards and good materials are packaged with soft rubber edges at the factory, which is to prevent scratches. Therefore it can be used as a differential method between recycled materials and new sheets.

Eight: Quality Identification

Good board manufacturers usually provide samples and actual problem products. You can analyze, compare and check according to the color and some related parameter information, and it is also very easy to identify.

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Okay, I think we should have provided enough methods to help you judge, right? You will definitely be able to find a suitable one.

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