Application Of Acrylic Rod

Over the years, acrylic rods are trending towards manufacturing materials due to their strength and durability. Manufacturers throughout the world are using it rapidly.

There are strong reasons that are prompting industries to use it. Now, acrylic rods are available wholesale and many businesses successfully purchase, resize and sell them. Moreover, they are using it to make durable products.

Applications of acrylic rods are numerous. From the point of sale displays to signage, acrylic rods are dominating nowadays. Here, in this article, we will learn about acrylic rods and their applications in depth.

What Are Acrylic Rods?

Acrylic rods are lightweight plastic with excellent impact strength. Though they appear to be made of glass, acrylic is also used to make them. Acrylic is a thermoplastic resin that is the chain polymer of polymethyl methacrylate.

Acrylic rods are also known as plexiglass rods and are seen in translucent and colorful forms. There are several reasons for what is being used in various applications related to industrial manufacturing operations. Some of them are durable, scratch-resistant, and tough.

What Are Extruded Acrylic Rods?

Extruded acrylic rod is the lower-quality acrylic version, which is the most straightforward to thermoform. Acrylic mass is pushed through a form to create this rod. The tension in extruded acrylic is higher than in cast acrylic.

Extrusion processing produces tighter thickness tolerances which make forming and shaping easier. POP displays, light fixtures, podiums, show stands, and home decor are all typical applications.

What are Cast Acrylic Rods?

To produce cast acrylic rods, liquid acrylic materials are mixed between two glass plates in molds. Cast acrylic rods are lightweight and come in various colors and thicknesses, much like their extruded equivalents.

This type of rod is more chemically resistant than extruded ones. The laser engraving appears matte white on cast acrylic.

Cast acrylic rods have better thermal stability, optical clarity, chemical resistance, and machining characteristics. That is why it is a popular choice for aquariums, engraving, and laser applications.

Application Of Plexiglass Rods

As you must know, acrylic rods can be bonded, fabricated, or shaped quickly. Moreover, they have a high-gloss surface finish. As a result, they have become a versatile product for businesses and individuals. Plexiglass rods are used in almost any situation where a clear, lightweight, and durable rod is needed.

Here are several applications of acrylic rods.


Due to their glossy finish, acrylic rods are popular for making signs. Plexiglass rods are the best option for businesses that want high-tech and sophisticated-looking signage.

Acrylic rods are durable and come in different attractive colors, which make them perfect for signage. Whatever the signage types- illuminated, architectural, tradeshow, and point-of-purchase signs, plexiglass rods are used throughout the world.

Point Of Sale Displays

Modern POS (Point of sale) displays are made of acrylic rods. If anyone wants a polished display with a great feel, there is no alternative to plexiglass rods. So manufacturers are using acrylic rods to make POS displays more attractive for their clients.

Model Making

Acrylic rods are viable materials for preparing architectural templates and storing exhibits and structural features. Manufacturers often use plastic and tap plastics for these purposes. Both are variants of acrylic rods that are transparent and durable for model making.

Aquarium Tanks

Plexiglass rods have impressive advantages for custom-built acrylic aquarium tanks. As a result, manufacturers prefer acrylic rods these days. One of the best advantages is that they are customizable and lightweight, which is essential for aquarium tanks. That is why acrylic rods have become the superior choice for manufacturers.

Arts & Crafts

Acrylic rods are ideal options for handicrafts and DIY products. Because it is easily customizable, which provides scope for good design, besides, it is a durable, lightweight plastic with superior weatherability, strength, visibility, and flexibility. Scratch resistance and optical clarity, therefore, are perfect for arts and crafts.

Home Applications

As acrylic rods have more design flexibility and are available in larger sizes, they have become the most used skylight glazing material. This makes them suitable for installing on roofs with low slopes or flat roofs. UV stability and a great lifespan are other advantages for skylight production. Besides, they are more economical than other materials available in the market.

Why Use Plexiglass Rods For Your Projects?

Amazing Optical Clarity

Acrylic rods maintain their clarity over time. It is much more important for those applications that are exposed to sunlight. In a word, you will be amazed to experience how clear acrylic rods are.

Exceptional Tensile Strength

You will find acrylic rods rigid to shatter or crack because it is strong and come up with high impact resistance.

Easy To Customize and Repair

Apart from the above properties, acrylic rods have professional machining properties. You can cut, modify, and repair plexiglass as per your customization or requirement. Maybe here, you want to know more information about custom acrylic.

Won’t Turn Yellow Over Time

This is one of the most impressive properties of plexiglass rods. Because other forms of plastic may turn yellow over time, acrylic rods remain as they are.

Light Weight

When installing acrylic rods on different applications, it is necessary to be lightweight. And you will get it so much lighter than others. That’s why most of the manufacturers are heading for it these days. If you need a stronger plastic rod, you can choose polycarbonate rods.

Key Features

Here are the key features of acrylic rods:

  • Impact resistance;
  • Chemical resistance;
  • Dimensional stability;
  • Optically clear (107% light transmittance);
  • Versatility;
  • Maximum design flexibility;
  • Luminous Color Effects;
  • Sound Transmission (sound loss characteristics);
  • Rigidity;
  • Service Temperature;
  • Weather Resistance;
  • Lightweight, same weight with polycarbonate sheet;

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Final Word

Plexiglas rods are solid, stiff, and optically clear transparent plastic with excellent strength and stiffness. Being economical, they dominate architecture, art and design, furniture/ accessories, lighting, framing, and many other industries.

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