Use acrylic partitions to avoid Covid

Know More About Acrylic Partitions

During the period of Covid’s rampant epidemic, almost all enterprises have ushered in a difficult period. Compared with operational difficulties, safety is the top priority, right? In order to protect the safety of themselves and their customers, corporate personnel must do a good job of protection, which also means that the partition barrier in the office area has become extremely important because it can effectively prevent the spread of the virus.

And this kind of protective partition can be completed with acrylic. Through the acrylic partition, the distance between people can be effectively separated, and the cleanliness of the workplace can be maintained, whether it is desk partitions, front desk guardrails, The regional screens can be installed easily, quickly and conveniently, and almost no complicated operations are required. After Covid ends, office partitions can continue to be used without causing any waste.

Therefore, you may have some questions about acrylic partitions, and I will help you answer them.

acrylic partition
acrylic partition
acrylic partition

What are the benefits of acrylic room dividers?

Divide the area

I think even in the open area, people are more inclined to divide the area, and there will be different ideas when dividing the area, this kind of area division will make this open area become a sense of design, whether it is in Your home or company building. Then you will definitely think of borrowing acrylic partitions, these partitions can perfectly help you achieve the division of areas.

Protect privacy

Privacy protection is something that people have always valued very much. Whether at home or at work, everyone hopes that their things will not be spied on. Using acrylic partitions can give you a sense of privacy. Of course, you may think acrylic is transparent and there is no way to protect you, but in fact, acrylic can be made into matte quality. This state of privacy protection will make your mentality become anti-loose and free, and improve work efficiency to a certain extent.

Improve efficiency

Since it is talking about improving work efficiency, in fact, partitions can help provide efficiency not only because of privacy but also because people are separated by partitions, so everyone will not talk to each other. During the working time Inside, everyone defaults to working independently, which is the perfect embodiment of improving efficiency.

Health and safety

Like polycarbonate sheets, the acrylic sheet itself is sturdy and durable, with high hardness, strong corrosion-resistance, and high transparency. Acrylic itself is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is completely harmless to use acrylic in public areas.

Easy to install

It is naturally more convenient to install partitions in the office area. Maybe you don’t intend to use it for a long time, so it means that you have to dismantle it in the future. Acrylic is very simple to install and dismantle because it is whole, lightweight, and not easy to break. , Even if it is dismantled, it can be kept for reuse.

Where can I use acrylic partitions?


Some houses are designed to open the door and you can see the area of your home, but I think if you pay attention to privacy, you should not want someone to see your home like this. People are uncomfortable, right? Therefore, at the entrance, you can put an acrylic partition to perfectly protect your privacy. This idea has been appreciated by countless people.


The use of partitions in the room is an excellent plan to divide a space into two, which can create a warm and intimate atmosphere according to the design of your house.


It is a common way to use acrylic partitions on office desks. Whether it is an office lobby or a private office, clean and transparent partitions are very modern, and because of effective partitions, work efficiency can be greatly improved.

How to use acrylic room dividers?

How to use acrylic room divider?

Acrylic room dividers can serve multiple functions. Here are some ideas on how to use them:

Add color

Acrylic board is not only transparent. Although it can be used as the dividing line of the room, it can also be used as the decoration of the room. For rooms with dark walls, the partition can be white or yellow. It is this color combination that will increase the design of your house a lot.

Hide clutter

I think anyone’s house will inevitably pile up some clutter. It may be the clothes that are changed every day, the beds that have not been made in time, then a partition is very effective, and people will naturally not go to that area. Especially when you have friends coming.

Create comfort

Sometimes the walls are too wide and too high to be decorated. Putting a room divider on the wall of your home, sitting on the dining table and chairs in front of the folding screen, will provide you with a brand new living space that is both elegant and charming

Enjoy the sun

Maybe when you are at home, you also want to enjoy the sun by the window occasionally, but the curtains will be completely partitioned, and the wide-open window does not seem to be that suitable. Then you can use the acrylic folding partition and take it out at any time to let you enjoy privacy at home While sex can also let light through the window, acrylic is not afraid of the sun.


Acrylic can be widely used because of its good performance characteristics. Whether it is from various angles such as safety and durability, it is a high-quality material for making partitions.

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